Corporate Events
Corporate Events
We do more corporate events than any other type of party. Whether it’s a holiday party, customer appreciation event, convention, sales seminar or just an employee moral booster, an Nashville Arcade & Gaming Rentals party is sure to keep your guests entertained all night long. Call or email us today for a free quote!
Holiday Parties
Intern Celebrations
Sales Seminars
Customer Appreciation Events
Sales Goal Celebrations
Sponsorship Opportunities
Boosts Employee Moral
Promotes Co-Worker Interaction
Increases Employee Attendance & Retention
Creates Competitive Spirit & Environment
Great Bonus Option

Types of Corporate Events

Office/Staff Parties 

According to an article the #17 event theme to catch the eye is throwback video arcade (1).  Luckily, we offer a wide variety of gaming rentals no matter what theme you’re going with.  Throwback video games such as Galaga, or new age rentals like Golden Tee, we’ve got all you need to entertain any group! 

Employee Appreciation

35% of employees don’t think their employers care about them as a team member or person, and that leaves engagement plummeting to 2% among teams with managers who ignore their employees completely (2). The best way to show your appreciation for your hardworking employees, give them a break! There’s no break better than one that allows you to release your inner child and run away from some ghosts as PacMan. Call us today and find out how you can show your appreciation for your employees! 

Work Socials 

Research shows we spend 35% of our total waking hours over a 50 year working-life period at work(3).  35% of our time is spent with coworkers.  It is vital to engage and develop relationships with the people you see on a daily basis.  It makes work more enjoyable for everyone involved, and that in itself will help boost morale and allow teams to work better together.  It isn’t always easy to build work relationships outside of work, allow your team to connect over their favorite arcade games, and you’ll notice quite an improvement in the office. Call now! 

Why Arcade Rentals? 

Millennials in the Workforce

Millennials are considered to be the least engaged generation ever in the workforce. Only 29 percent are engaged while 55 percent are not engaged, and 16 percent are actively disengaged (4). Research shows millennials thrive off of recognition and feedback, this goes back to employee appreciation events.  Take millennials back to their college dorm room days but even better! Instead of missing class to play Xbox, let them walk into work and see one of our arcade rentals! They’re sure to feel appreciated, as well as motivated! 

Demand for Retro Games 

Nostalgia is one of the biggest contributors to the recent demand for retro games. Nostalgia has a number of psychological benefits. It can help people feel better about themselves, while also making them feel less alone (5). We find many of our clients are searching for that same feeling when they come to us for an arcade rental.  We pride ourselves on offering top of the line gaming machines that are kept in pristine condition. Call today and find out how to take your own trip down memory lane with one of our rentals for your upcoming event.

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